Various uses of aluminium cups and cones

Wrapping of luxurious chocolates and pralines: "Sweets in good shape"

Most of our aluminium cups and cones are used as small chocolate molds by producers of luxurious chocolates. A good example are the world famous Belgian pralines. Our products are of high quality and clearly add an extra feeling of luxury to the end product. Between chocolates without wrapping they really stand out. Dozens of companies in the chocolate and praline industry from all over the world rely on us, together with generations of bakeries and confectioneries.

In the picture underneath as an example a mix of pralines made by our artisan customer Chocolaterie Ickx. As you can see there are no limits to the creative process.


We offer several possibilities to customize our products according to your preferences. For instance it’s possible to add your logo to some of our products. Using this feature your products are highlighted in the best way possible. What better advertisement for your products than making them recognizable as yours, even if presented individually? 

When adding a logo, the material has either a special embossing or a flexographic printing. Underneath two examples. The first example is from our artisan customer Bruyerre and contains the logo as a special embossing. This is an exclusive brand, the logo is embossed only one time on each cone and is very visible for the consumer. 

This specific option above is only possible at smaller quantities. For larger quantities the logo will be embossed in a continuous pattern. The logo is then visible several times on each cone. This is the same on the second example from our customer Corné Port-Royal. The logo is visible several times on each cone, using flexographic printing in colour in a continuous pattern. The extra colour brings extra attention to the logo. This option is only available at larger quantities. 

The adding of a logo is also possible in some of our models of aluminium cups. In that case the logo is embossed in the base of the cup. Although we can deliver any quantity, we mostly deliver our products to relatively large companies in boxes of high quantities. However we also supply smaller boxes with only a 1.000 pieces. For instance our customer De Coster is specialised in all kinds of packaging, especially, but not only, for the chocolate branch. They have a wide range of our products on stock in boxes of a 1.000 pieces each. 

Special moulds for filling the aluminium cups and cones

The use mentioned above, the filling of our aluminium cups and cones by producers of chocolates, can be done by machine or by hand. For both of these methods it’s possible to use special moulds, which are very suitable for this purpose. Our customer and wholesaler Chocolate World is specialised in this field. They have developed hundreds of moulds, some of which can be used for our cups and cones. In the picture underneath you see two moulds which are perfect for our most popular models.

Mould with reference CW1338 is suitable for our cups models Brussels and Vienna II. Specifications of this mould: weight 9 grams, dimensions cavities Ø30x12 mm, cavities 3 x 8 pc, mould dimensions 275x135x24 mm. 

Mold with reference CF0303 is suitable for our cup model Vienna I. Specifications of this mould: weight 9 gram, dimensions cavities Ø30x12 mm, cavities 3 x 8 pc, mould dimensions 275x135x24 mm.

This mould with reference VC0106E is suitable for both our cones model 20 and model 20a. Specifications of this mould: dimensions cavities Ø30x12 mm (with open bottom), cavities 4 x 8 pc, mould dimensions 275x175x30 mm. 
Another possibility is to have moulds or plates custom made, especially adapted to your production process. This is both possible for filling by machine as for filling by hand. Underneath the artisan filling of cones using a custom made mould.

Cupcakes and muffins: "exquisite base for fine pastries"

We have several aluminium pastry cups in our assortment, suitable for cupcakes, muffins and small cakes. They are made of a special material which is suitable for baking. For this silver coloured material we have a declaration of conformity for food for baking at 200°C at 30 minutes. Underneath some examples of home baked cupcakes for the various seasons.



Valentine’s Day:

Decoration for cakes: “on top of the cream”

Our cones are also used by bakeries as decoration on cakes. The colourful cones can be used as the finishing touch on for instance birthday cakes. Our customer Vipam is a specialised supplier for bakeries and they offer small boxes of a 1.000 pieces of both golden and multi-coloured cones.

Liqueur cup: “luxurious presentation & protection against melting”

Our aluminium cups can also be used as holders for a chocolate cup that can be filled with liqueur. In the picture underneath you see an example as used by our customer Dobla. Because of the aluminium cup the chocolate won’t melt and the hands and fingers of the consumer stay clean. 

Candle sleeves: "perfect for candlesticks"

A completely different category are our aluminium capsules which are used as sleeves for candles. This is a use that has been known by many generations. They are made from a slightly different material in the colour silver. Because of the flexibility of the material, the candles can be fitted much better in the candlesticks than would otherwise be the case, which makes the use of candles in general a lot safer. The cup also protects your candleholder to a certain extent, by the reception of wax leaking down.

Covers for various containers: "protective covers for bottles"

Some of our cups can be used as protective covers for bottles and small containers. The most appealing example is a bottle of which the lid is not reusable and cannot be put back on the bottle after opening. The flexibility of the material of our cups makes it possible to close such a bottle quickly and easily, which makes its content longer containable. It’s also possible to put a straw through the cup, to protect drinks in the summer from insects.

As you can see, there are many uses for our aluminium cups and cones. Should you have any questions regarding our products and possible uses, please do not hesitate to contact us.