Overview aluminium cones

In the table underneath you'll find an overview of our assortment of aluminium cones. The names of the models in the first column contain links to the individual pages.

Model Diameter opening Length
Aluminium cone model 20 23mm +/- 1mm 50mm
Aluminium cone model 20 with flat back 27mm +/- 1mm 50mm
Aluminium cone model 20a

25mm +/- 1mm
23mm +/- 1mm

Aluminium cone model 20a with flexographic printing 25mm +/- 1mm 55mm
Aluminium cone model 20a with special embossing 25mm +/- 1mm 55mm


  • Our range of aluminium cones vary in size, shape and measurements.
  • The material varies in colour and surface. 
  • The standard colours are gold, silver, red, green and blue.
  • Other colours are available at larger quantities.
  • The material has either a smooth or an embossed surface.
  • The cones are very suitable for adding a logo.
  • model 20
  • aluminium cone model 20 / Aluminium-Spitztüte Modell 20 / alu-cornet modèle 20 / conito de aluminio modelo 20 / alu-hoorntje model 20
  • model 20 flat back / Modell 20 mit flacher Rückseite / modèle 20 avec le derrière plat / modelo 20 con revés plano / model 20 met vlakke rug
  • aluminium cone model 20a / Aluminium-Spitztüte Modell 20a / alu-cornet modèle 20a / alu-conito modelo 20a / alu-hoorntje model 20a
  • cone 20a with special embossing / 20a mit Sonderprägung / 20a avec gaufrage spéciale / 20a con relieve especial / 20a met speciaal reliëf
  • cone 20a with flexographic printing / 20a mit Flexodruck / 20a avec impression flexographique / 20a impresión flexográfica / 20a flexodruk