Various uses of aluminium cups and cones

Belgium pralines made by Pralibel

Wrapping of luxurious chocolates and pralines: "Sweets in good shape"

Most of our aluminium cups and cones are used as small chocolate molds by producers of luxurious chocolates. A good example are the world famous Belgian pralines. Our products are of high quality and clearly add an extra feeling of luxury to the end product. Between chocolates without wrapping they really stand out. Dozens of companies in the chocolate and praline industry from all over the world rely on us, together with generations of bakeries and confectioneries.


Aluminium chocolate molds, cups & capsules

Our range of aluminium molds, cups and capsules vary in size, shape and measurements. The material varies in colour and surface. The standard colours are gold, silver, red, green and blue. Other colours are available at larger quantities. In some models, it’s possible to emboss your custom logo in the base of the cup.


Aluminium cones, great for adding a logo

Our range of aluminium cones vary in size, shape and measurements. Especially the cones are very suitable for presenting your individual logo. In that case the material has either a special embossing with the logo or a print of the logo in the colour of your choice (flexographic printing). The material varies in colour and surface.