Aluminium cups, cones & chocolate molds

 Welcome to our website! If you are looking for aluminium cups, aluminium cones or aluminium chocolate molds, you have come to the right place! For many years now we have been a leading producer and are very experienced in this field. We are specialized in adapting our products to your special requirements. For this we have the necessary know-how, technology and experience. 

We produce a comprehensive range of aluminium cups and cones in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Different types of material in various colours are available.

Interested? Please have a look at our page “Various uses of aluminium cups and cones” to get an idea of the different possibilities. Apart from being used as wrapping for luxurious chocolates, some of our cups are used for baking cupcakes, muffins and small cakes. Furthermore we have models in our range which are used as sleeves for candles and as flexible covers for bottles. 

At the pages “Aluminium chocolate molds, cups & capsules“ and “Aluminium cones, great for adding a logo” you will find our range of products, complete with all measurements. The different types of material are explained at the page “Aluminium material”. You can click here to visit the overview of the English pages.

We know what matters to our customers. As a family business we are flexible and are therefore able to adapt our production processes quickly. There is no limit to your ideas. Just ask; what can we do for you?

  • Aluminium cup model 35
  • aluminium cup model 35 / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 35 / aluminium cuvette modèle 35 / cápsula de aluminio modelo 35 / alu-cup model 35
  • cone 20a with flexographic printing / 20a mit Flexodruck / 20a avec impression flexographique / 20a impresión flexográfica / 20a flexodruk
  • alu-cup model oval small / Kapsel Modell Oval klein / cuvette modèle ovale petit / cápsula modelo pequeño oval / cuvette model ovaal klein
  • aluminium cone model 20a / Aluminium-Spitztüte Modell 20a / alu-cornet modèle 20a / alu-conito modelo 20a / alu-hoorntje model 20a
  • alu-cup model sixcorner / Alu-Kapsel Modell Sechskant / alu-cuvette modèle hexagonal / alu-cápsula modelo hexágono / cup model zeskant
  • aluminium cone model 20 / Aluminium-Spitztüte Modell 20 / alu-cornet modèle 20 / conito de aluminio modelo 20 / alu-hoorntje model 20
  • aluminium cup model 6a / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 6a / aluminium cuvette modèle 6a / cápsula de aluminio modelo 6a / alu-cup model 6a
  • model 20 flat back / Modell 20 mit flacher Rückseite / modèle 20 avec le derrière plat / modelo 20 con revés plano / model 20 met vlakke rug
  • aluminium cup model 5a / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 5a / aluminium cuvette modèle 5a / cápsula de aluminio modelo 5a / alu-cup model 5a
  • cone 20a with special embossing / 20a mit Sonderprägung / 20a avec gaufrage spéciale / 20a con relieve especial / 20a met speciaal reliëf